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Thursday, After the loss Fatal Stock Exchange chairman confirms the safety of trading

Said Mohammed Omran, Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange that the transactions meeting last Thursday - which hue where the main index 2.7% and lost stock about 15 billion pounds (2.15 billion dollars) from its market value - a natural and has no reason to doubt.

Imran added in a telephone interview with Reuters " Our role (in the management of the stock exchange) to ensure the integrity of the transaction, which made ​​sure of it. " Some analysts and dealers have raised doubts about the tremor experienced by the market on Thursday and called for an investigation into the matter.

Newspaper quoted "The World Today" in its edition of Sunday for Ihab Said, head of the research department of art in the company "assets" of the brokerage as saying, "There is something fishy and required open investigated immediately."

In the first few minutes of the session last Thursday main index rose 1.3% and increased the market value of the shares of more than fo…

Adjust 383 pieces of weapons and 7 spots in the criminal campaigns for Public Security

The Movement for the Liberation of Qatar during the broadcast of a set of images for the U.S. troops mercenaries they said to roam the streets in all of Qatar to arrest or kill all the cheer of the fall of the regime.

On the other side sent a motion on its front page on Facebook is also a message to the Arab people Ttminh movement that monitors the movements of each regime's mercenaries of U.S. troops and mercenaries who Athaon system to the city of Doha and other cities surrounding prepared to face demonstrations March 30.

The movement of the Americans and the puppet regime in Qatar and his mercenaries that the people of Qatar will not be intimidated by this and will come out until the fall puppet regime in Qatar and the liberated land diameter of colonialism the U.S. and the world is witnessing and experiencing all of the questions the national youth Qatar and witness all of the ridicules and says that our revolution is a revolution.

Facebook "Today, on freedom, independence a…

U.S. military in the streets of Qatar arrested demonstrators

The Movement for the Liberation of Qatar during the broadcast of a set of images for the U.S. military in the streets of Qatar arrested demonstrators troops mercenaries they said to roam the streets in all of Qatar to arrest or kill all the cheer of the fall of the regime.

On the other side sent a motion on its front page on Facebook is also a message to the Arab people Ttminh movement that monitors the movements of each regime's mercenaries of U.S. troops and mercenaries who Athaon system to the city of Doha and other cities surrounding prepared to face demonstrations March 30.

The movement of the Americans and the puppet regime in Qatar and his mercenaries that the people of Qatar will not be intimidated by this and will come out until the fall puppet regime in Qatar and the liberated land diameter of colonialism the U.S. and the world is witnessing and experiencing all of the questions the national youth Qatar and witness all of the ridicules and says that our revolution is a rev…

ECB decision the focus of attention this week in light of the continued low inflation

The European Central Bank's decision to lead the economic calendar this week, in light of speculation that tends to provide a new monetary tools to counter potential risks of deflation.

Earlier this month, it was expected that the bank is moving to the announcement of the new monetary tools, but that the bank surprised markets, not to provide anything and continued emphasis on the adoption of expansionary policies for an extended period of time.

However, in the previous week and with continued low inflation, has said Mario Draghi - World Bank President - that the Bank prepares for a new monetary tools to counter deflation risks.

The ECB kept its benchmark interest rate at 0.25% at a meeting this month and confirmed to keep interest rates at current levels or below for a period of time in light of the adoption of expansionary policies as long as necessary. It is expected to keep its benchmark interest rate unchanged at a meeting next month.

Draghi said that recent rises witnessed the e…

Association turn to profitability during 2013 and achieved 0.16 million dinars

Few data task awaits U.S. markets after a busy week, where will the U.S. economy during this week's release of important economic data and monthly passes that will give insight into the U.S. labor market as the jobs report is the title of this week alongside other data ISM manufacturing and service.

Initially, as usual with reading index ADP change in private sector jobs during the month of March / March, which are expected to show the pace is much better than it was during February, where expectations Baafah 190 thousand new jobs in the private sector compared with the previous report, which showed add 139 thousand jobs new ones.

The importance of reading, and this indicator is that analysts are modifying their expectations for the U.S. jobs report, which comes two days after reading this, where the amendment is in line with the expectations of the actual reading for the private sector.

Turning to the main event and is the U.S. jobs report are you waiting for U.S. markets and the wo…

Contrast performance indicators Arab markets Minor

Contrast performance indicators Arab markets micro end of the trading session on Sunday, March 30 / March of 2014, where the index rose Bahrain Financial 0.24%, followed by the Iraq Financial rose 0.78%, with the exception of the index of the Amman Financial lost 1.49% and the index of Palestine Financial fell 0.88 %.

Knowing that the Damascus stock exchange starts trading sessions from the beginning on Monday until Wednesday.

Bahrain Stock Exchange
Index closed Bahrain at the end of trading session on Sunday, March 30 / March 2014 on rising 0.24%%, achieving gains worth 3.27 points up at 1344 points, little trading volume has reached about 1.214 million shares worth trading 182.492 thousand BD and so through 57 transactions.

Comparing the prices companies were traded for the day and the 13 companies with the previous Iglaqatha, showed three companies rose, and the shares of 5 companies showed a drop in shares and fixed 5 companies.

Iraq Stock Exchange
Record Market General Index Iraq'…

Dubai Financial Market: Index rises 1.32% at 4438.35 points

Finish the general index for the Dubai Financial Market - the day Sunday - initial sessions a week - a rise of 1.32%, gaining 57.68 points to close at 4438.35 points, this has been trading today on 721.6 million shares, at a worth 1.4 billion dirhams through the implementation of 10.2 thousand transactions.

Saw Emaar Properties rose strongly, reaching the highest rate of 10 dirhams during the session, and closed below it at 9.95 dirhams, and trades more than 18 million shares, the company announced today that its residential real estate tenth this year.

Shares of Union Properties, up 6% at AED 2.31, after the company confirmed the news doubled its profits for the first quarter of the current, and share trading amounted to 106 million shares.

And Shuaa Capital shares pared gains for large maximum witnessed during the session and the third session, and closed up 5.6 percent at 1.51 Drarham, after the company denied its transformation into a bank.

And segments of the market have risen in mos…

The euro is supported by improved confidence data transactions at the end of week

The euro rebounded against the U.S. dollar from its lowest level in five weeks of data supported by an improvement in the euro zone to better than expected, although this was mainly on the market trades random Bfiel modification and closure of centers at the end of the week.

EUR / USD rose to hit 1.3764, after hitting its lowest in early trading today at the level of 1.3740 and compared to 1.3740 at the opening price. Has tended to decline for the second week in a row.

Confidence in the economy released today showed high levels of confidence to its highest level since March 2011.

Eyes are on the ECB's decision in the next week and is expected to give the ECB a new monetary tools to cope with the continuous decline of inflation.

In the United States Lalit data released today showed growth in personal spending in February, to 0.3% from 0.2% the previous reading.

The rising dollar / yen dramatically today and come out of the band which was dominated by cross Recently, the pair rose to rec…

U.S Weekly positively contributed to a decline of gold for the first month since the beginning of the year

Weekly U.S has been full of economic data important that showed that the U.SEconomy is moving in the right direction toward recovery, where after the decline of the situation bad weather that hit the United States earlier this year, began the U.S data to improve gradually, which reflected positively on the dollar and the negative impact on gold prices, which recorded the first monthly drop since the beginning of 2014.

U.S data contributed to the good constantly increasing speculation the U.SFederal Reserve to reduce the incentive programs with adjustable positive early reference to interest rates during the next few years.

Economic data
The first of these good data was read index of consumer confidence during the month of March, as it made ​​reading historical levels for a rise of up to 82.3 compared with the previous monthly, which amounted to 78.1 and better than expected at 78.5.

Jobless claims during the week ending on 22 of the month of March / March decreased to reach the lowest lev…

European stocks end session weekend performance amid positive confidence data

European shares ended the session at the end of the week high amid optimism about the improvement in the Chinese economy next to readings of confidence in the euro zone, which showed growth levels of trust, and do not forget the British data, along with the focus of the Ukrainian situation.

Start with the levels of confidence in the euro zone, which rose to its highest level in three years, where were read business climate index in the euro area during the March to show a rise to 0.39 from the previous reading of 0.37, which was amended 0:36 and the actual reading came higher than expectations of 0.38, while on consumer confidence showed a final reading of the index value of -9.3 identical to the previous reading.

To that recorded economic data for other euro zone countries where the index positive reading came congruent or better than expectations, which reported a final reading of GDP in Britain to confirm growth during the fourth quarter of last year by 0.7%.

Turning to China, which r…

Wall Street ends higher in today's session, and the Nasdaq its worst week since October 2012

U.S. indices ended the trading session higher end of the week, and that on a day of positive economic data represented by high levels of spending over the past month in February and confidence levels during the current month of March.

Record the biotechnology sector within the NASDAQ fell today around 3% to record weekly loss of 7%, while the NASDAQ record losses over the week around 2.82% and is the worst losses since October / October 2012.

We start with a report personal income and that for the month of February, where the report came explaining that personal spending, which constitutes the largest percentage of the economy is likely to continue to grow during the current year after the report showed that spending has risen as a result of rising personal income, and may report explained also that the Americans had begun to get rid of the effects of the storms that hit the country in the past period, bringing the levels of confidence.

Personal income rose during the month of February b…

High final reading of the University of Michigan index of consumer confidence during March

Issued by the U.S. economy and the second reading of the final University of Michigan index of consumer sentiment for the month of March / March with a value of 80.0, compared with a value of 79.9 in the preliminary reading earlier, and may have suffered their worst reading came from the expectations that referred to 80.5.

This report has shown sub-index rising economic conditions during the same month to $ 96.1 compared with $ 95.4 in the preliminary reading, while the economic outlook fell to $ 69.4 compared to 72.7 in the preliminary reading.

On the other hand it has been sub-indices of the index towards the expected rates of inflation during the year and within five years, stabilized inflation expectations during the year of 3.2%, while inflation expectations for the five years it has recorded consistent with the preliminary reading and the previous monthly at 2.9%.

U.S. stocks begin its high after two days of decline

U.S. stocks rose at the start of trading of its last this week, ending the decline over the past two days, where the height of the stock came the day after U.S. data good lead, which showed high levels of spending and high levels of confidence during the month of March.

A report issued today by the income and the U.S. Department of Commerce high levels of personal spending, which accounts for 70% of GDP during the month of February by 0.3%.

Shares of the company (Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp) by 3.7%, after the lifting of Morgan recommendations and expectations for the shares.

While the company's share (Zynga Inc) rose 1.8%, after the lifting of billionaire Steven Cohen share when the company, while the company's share price (PG & E Corp) after it said it expects to face criminal charges after the bombing of a pipeline for natural gas in 2010 which claimed the hard life of eight people.

Data released today showed a rise in the final reading of the University of Reading …

Leaks reveal the involvement of Microsoft to sell users data to FBI

Confirmed the company "Microsoft" Vulnerability in several versions of the program "Microsoft Word", Microsoft Word, within the package "Office" office.

The company said, through her ​​blog security, that several malicious attacks targeted version of "Microsoft Word 2010" exploiting a loophole in dealing with program files of type RTF.

She explained, "Microsoft" that the seriousness of the vulnerability lies in the opportunity for hackers to execute remote code, after they have the same powers of the original user on the computer installed software to create and edit documents.

The gap also works when you use multiple versions of the "Microsoft Word" as a reader default e-mail with versions 2007 and 2010, and 2013 of the program "Outlook" outlook.

The versions in 2003 "Service PAC-3", and 2007 "Service PAC-3", and 2010 "Service Pak 1 and 2" Pencchta 32-bit and 64-bit, and 2013 copies o…

Turkey obscure Twitter and do not plan to block Facebook

Turkish court ruled Thursday to block micro-blogging site "Twitter" after complaints by Turkish citizens that the site violates privacy, said NTRA Turkish "Pte K".

Comes cloaking hours after the speech violent speech, Turkish Prime Minister, "Recep Tayyip Erdogan," in a crowd of supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party, in Bursa Turkey, and attack it on "Twitter" and vowed to "eliminate" him, and he does not care what he has to say the international community about it.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said in a statement on its website, said that "Twitter" ignored previous requests to delete some of the content, and added: "Due to the lack of another option was blocking the site in line with the decisions of the court to avoid any potential harm to the citizens in the future."

For his part, said the site "Twitter" It is looking it did not issue a formal statement. But he published…

Leaks reveal the involvement of "Microsoft" to sell users' data to FBI

Internet hackers claimed a group calling itself the "Syrian army-mail," it had obtained documents reveal the amount of money paid by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation "FBI" to "Microsoft" to get a meeting or view contact information for users of the company.

The Syrian army-mail, who became famous during the last period to penetrate many of the sites and high-level accounts on social networks, providing the site, "The Daily Dot" The Daily Dot e-mail messages and financial bills.

After examining the documents, said the site "The Daily Dot" It contains what appears to be an official invoices and e-mails between the compliance team for the International Criminal Court with "Microsoft" and the unity objection digital technology with the "FBI".

According to the documents, which the Syrian army-mail them to publish a few pictures on his site, that the company "Microsoft" overcharged money to meet their c…

Google is working on changes to increase the speed of browsing the website YouTube

Announced "Google" they are changes in some services, such as Video sharing site "YouTube", the changes that will increase the speed of browsing those services.

She explained, "Google" it is currently working on a formula to change the images submitted to the site "YouTube", such as thumbnail images videos and pictures of personal accounts, to WebP format developed by the company.

The formula provides WebP images of smaller Web sites by up to 35 per cent compared to the rest of the image formats currently used, which increases the speed significantly greater load to the owners of the slow Internet speeds.

The "Google" that changes made by the so far in the "YouTube" and provided to users faster browsing of the web site by 10 per cent, and also provided them with less consumption in the data when using the Internet via communications networks.

The company added that these changes will provide all services in large areas of th…

The launch of Google Now officially browser Chrome on personal computers

Announced "Google" launch "Naw Google" Google Now officially to all users of the web browser "Chrome" at the beginning of the personal computers of today, Monday, and after a period of testing have undergone service.

She said, "Google", through the account "Google Chrome "on site" Twitter ", the beginning of the day cards" Naw Google "will be made ​​available to registered users in the browser" Chrome "across desktops and laptops.

The show alerts "Naw Google" notices at the center of your browser "Chrome", which the user can access it by clicking the icon "bell" in page "Google" key, and so for computers "Windows" and "Mac".

The user needs to have an account for the service using his smartphone, whether working system iOS or "Android", to show cards "Google Naw," him while browsing, where he can use the same account to log on …

Cisco intends to enter the cloud computing market

Company intends "Cisco" entry in the market for cloud computing services, and has pledged to spend that billion dollars over the next two years, according to the newspaper "Wall Street Journal" today.

The newspaper said that the purpose of the expenditure of the company, which concentrated its activities in the field of networking, so the amount is to build a data center that will be used in the operation of the new service, "Cisco Cloud Osrovisaz" Cisco Cloud Services.

The moving company, "Cisco" about this market at a time wanes corporate spending global infrastructure devices Aaltkhozan and in light of shrinking budgets and slowing economies and a radical shift to cloud computing, which reduces the demand for devices by assigning data management and functions of computing to other companies at a lower cost.

So believes that "Cisco" targeting of the move to take advantage of the desire of companies to hire the services of storage in…

Platform Templar feature supports two-step verification to enhance the protection of its users

Announced a blogging platform quick "Templar" Tumblr, Monday for adding a new option to enhance the security protection to its users, and by supporting the feature "two-step verification," Like many other technology companies.
The mean feature "two-step verification" protection layer seconds are added to the password that must be on the user entered to confirm his identity, as should the user "Templar" provide the platform telephone number of person, for the latter - after the success of the user to enter the password correctly when you log on - send a code consisting of six digits to the phone number associated with your account, then he must enter this number correctly to be able to access the site, and this is what means "two-step verification."

The many major technology companies have preceded the "Templar" and began supporting the feature "two-step verification" within its services, such as "Facebook"…

Google launches new cloud service and reduce the prices of other cloud services

The company launched "Google" Tuesday, "virtual machines managed" Managed Virtual Machines, a new service private cloud platform affiliate Google Cloud Platform company says it provides the perfect solution for developers to host their applications through the cloud.

The company explained during a special conference held in San Francisco on the platform storage cloud affiliate, that the developers instead of Perplexing between the use of its service cloud "platform" like service "engine application" App Engine affiliate, or the use, "as infrastructure" such as service " Census engine "Compute Engine, the service" virtual machines managed "new combine them between the two options.

The cloud computing services, consisting mainly of three components, namely the use of the cloud "as a" SaaS, and that if the developer is using a particular application stored on the cloud, such as the application of the "W…

Microsoft plans to change the name of the service to Windows Azure Microsoft Azure

Announced the "Microsoft" it plans to rename the cloud computing platform and its own infrastructure of "Windows Azure" Windows Azure to "Microsoft Azure" Microsoft Azure, with effect from the date of the third of April / May next year.

The company did not disclose any details of the new move, but only pointing out the importance of cloud computing these days and portable devices.

The announcement of "Microsoft" to confirm the transfer site "Z-Net," a source familiar Sunday, he pointed to the company's determination to change the name of the service.

Since the beginning of this year, is a renamed cloud computing service "Windows Azure" the second, and so after the announcement on January 27 last for the adoption of the name "Wen Drive" One Drive substitute for "Sky Drive" Sky Drive service cloud storage affiliate, after Nearly six months after the issue of the violation of the rights of losing the nam…