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Farewell to Tito Vilanova, a natural leader

Even when he spoke of his illness, Tito Vilanova desdramatizaba and referred to the clinic by a workshop that had to happen with some regularity by demands of ITV.The last stop was mortal.Tito Vilanova has died at age 45 in Barcelona cancer victim in the parotid gland suffering since 2011 and pushed him away from football. Tito had learned to live with their condition so that softened the tense situation, also the last, when a relative informed that instead of going to his farm to rest over Easter would enter the Chiron Clinic in Barcelona.I had a virus and your immune system does not respond after the experimental treatment would have worked had followed in France.He gave more importance, as if it were a routine, because after all for quite a while Vilanova in and out of the clinic, came and went from the football field playing his son Adrià with youth B Barça and occasionally went to dinner at a restaurant with his wife Montse. A long struggle22-11-2011.Barcelona announced that Tito…

Israel suspends peace talks by the Palestinian unity agreement

The Israeli government on Thursday suspended peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority (PA), one day after this announcement in Gaza his surprising reconciliation with rivals of the Islamist party Hamas's security cabinet of Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu , agreed this new freeze the peace process at a meeting of more than five hours.

The Palestinians on Wednesday got five weeks to form a national unity government that will lead the current leader of the Liberation Organization (PLO) and PA President, Mahmoud Abbas. announced the participation of Hamas in the future government.

Interim Executive alarm both Netanyahu and his American allies, that protect the last nine months of talks between Israel and the PA. Just five days before the end of the term for an agreement, Israel could have and the death certificate of the negotiations underway since last summer.

Hamas and the PLO fought a brief civil war in 2007 left the Gaza Strip in the hands of the Islamists and …

The Pentagon accuses Russia of violating the airspace of Ukraine

The Pentagon reported Friday night that Russian aircraft have repeatedly entered the airspace of Ukraine and called on Moscow to take "steps to curb escalating" war that has been described by Kiev as the prelude to the Third World War.

"I can confirm that several times in 24 hours, Russian planes have entered the Ukrainian airspace past," reported Colonel Steven Warren, a Pentagon spokesman. The military did not provide details or informed about what type of aircraft had been used or whether there were specific incidents.

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Mikhail Koval, desminitió Saturday that Russia had violated its airspace. "At noon [Friday] four transport aircraft Il-76 flew along our border, but never crossed it," Koval told a news conference. According to the Head of Ukrainian Defense, Russian ground troops approached up to 2-3 km from the demarcation line. Russia has denied through a statement from his Ministry of Defence any action in this regard…

Kerry warns Moscow that the time to change course ends

The Secretary of State of the United States, John Kerry, on Thursday accused Russia of trying to destabilize the electoral process to be held in Ukrainenext May.Kerry also announced new sanctions Washington has prepared to Moscow and you are running out of time to ease tensions between the two countries. "The window for change is closing. If Russia chooses the path of ease tensions, we all celebrate," said Kerry. "Otherwise, the world will ensure that the costs for Russia only increase." Secretary State in recent months immersed in intense talks with his Russian counterpart, used harsh words to emphasize that Moscow can pay your error "very expensive". U.S. President Barack Obama, on tour in Asia this week, joined the Kerry tone stating that the U.S. "is ready to act."The Pentagon has also stepped up the pressure and expressed their opposition to the exercise announced by Moscow on the border with Ukraine. "The reality is that you can not reso…

Black list of human rights

Deutsche Welle Young protester against government policies in Venezuela Maduro. The Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela repeated in the "black list" which leads from the era of the late Hugo Chavez.And it does so for the same "policy changes involving legal and administrative restrictions that affect the enjoyment of human rights" in the country as well as "structural" problems that lead to the "provisional status of judges and prosecutors." "Any misuse, according to the Commission, the criminal law and the effect on freedom" Added to this is a 'misuse', according to the Commission, the criminal law and the "impact on freedom of expression", along with other economic situations as "grave situations of insecurity and violence in prisons ". Absence of free elections in Cuba

MyNYPD, Campaign NYPD that they turned against

The Associated Press One of the photos posted by users on # MyNYPD shows the strength with which a cop attacks a person.AP Photo posted on Twitter.

It was a great idea well XXI century.Social Networking, hashtags, and user participation.But something went wrong.The NYPD him came the backfire.A Twitter campaign came against them and ended up showing police brutality of some agents.   "Since yesterday you can see on Twitter hair pulling, shaking or kicking"

The campaign in the social network of 140 characters looking extolling the image of the police in New York through an invitation to submit images of people and their relationship with the police force to their official Twitter account.The result?Thousands of snapshots of the brutality of the New York police.