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Cloud computing is the most disruptive technology for 20 years

The power ofcloud computinghas shown an unstoppable force, a multitude of advantages and opportunities for both companies and users.So much so that according toKPMG,the cloud computing are positioned as the most disruptive technology that has been in 20 years. This study comes to this conclusion after delving into thefuture of investment banking.Draws attention to the need and obligation for financial institutions toabandon their traditional technologies and adopt new tools and resources. "Investment banking has always been a cyclical business, "says the report."Powerful forces are altering the investment scenario in banking, in a manner and degree that had never been seen before.The old ways of doing business must change. " Among the forces to which the report relates, factors and trends as new payment models such as Google Wallet and the rise and importance of the mobile phone are included.But surely, cloud computing is the king who "changed the game contin…

Fortinet enhances its cloud security offering

Fortinethas announced that it will provide support for secure access tothe cloud platformMicrosoft Azure.This notice meets the needs of organizations migrating their mission critical applications to the cloud and securing access to sensitive data, as well as give the importance due to the workload of the application. From now on, customers can benefit immediately from a safe access to a virtual private network (VPN) to the Microsoft Azure cloud while different technologies Fortinet's multi-layered securityat the network, application and content security. "The scalability, performance and economic benefits of the Microsoft Azure cloud is an appropriate option for those customers who want to leverage the cloud while keeping your current on-premise infrastructure, "said Venkat Gattamneni, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft. "These customers require secure VPN accessfrom any office networks and branch to the cloud platforms and next-generation fir…

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert Sentenced to six years in prison former

The words of the judge, who called him a "traitor" were as tough as its judgment against former Israeli Prime MinisterEhud Olmert, who was sentenced on Tuesday for bribery and six years in prison, seven of disqualification from holding public office and fine of one million shekels (210,000 euros). The successor ofAriel Sharonas party Kadima and the Government of Israel in 2006 is, in its 68 years definitely out of the political game by the same urban corruption scandal thatcost him the leadership of government in 2009. According to various sources cited by the Israeli press, Olmert shuffled challenge the current prime minister, the rightistBenjamin Netanyahuin the next elections.
Olmert years in the presidency were marked by the Israeli offensive in southernLebanon, where he ordered a harsh punishment raid to neutralizeShiite militia Hezbollahfor the next to the Israeli border regions. Despite internal and external reviews that match up is, after Olmert made ​​significant ef…

The anger over the mine tragedy in Turkey turns against Erdogan

The anger of the people of Soma (western Anatolia) has exploded on Tuesday against the government of Turkish Prime MinisterRecep Tayyip Erdogan.The city recorded on Tuesday, one of the greatest tragedies of mining in Turkey kills at least 282 workers after the explosion in a gallery, as confirmed by the Government prior to ordering three days of national mourning. Erdogan, who on Wednesday traveled to Soma, in the province of Manisa, announced that the incident will be investigated to the smallest details."All necessary measures will be taken," he said, after declaring that accidents are "normal", but this "has affected us deeply."
Hundreds of people gather at the focal Soma waiting for news about their relatives because another 120 workers still remain trapped inside the mine, according to the Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said. HOME Groups of protesters have surrounded the official car of the head of government and have been kicked while calling for the …

Seven Ukrainian soldiers killed in an ambush in the Donetsk region

The conflict in eastern Ukraine claimed new victims on Tuesday as the independence leaders in the provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk (Don basin) undertook an attempt to coordinate the two projects pro-Russian autonomy referenda after the May 11, neither Kiev, neither the European Union nor the U.S. recognized. Seven Ukrainian soldiers were killed and seven wounded in an ambush by pro-Russian separatists near the city of Kramatorsk, according to the Defense Ministry in Kiev.This is the incident with the highest number of deaths among troops loyal to Kiev since the interim governmentstarted military operation against insurgents in the east.In Lugansk, the "popular governor" Valeri Bolotov survived an attack in which he was injured, according to a spokesman for the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Lugansk. The ambush occurred Ukrainian soldiers, according to the version of the Defense Ministry, when thirty armed and hiding in the bushes insurgents attacked a military col…