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Three reasons why Outlook can become your favorite show

Outlook is probably the email manager's used by companies around the world.Despite the popularity of solutions like Gmail, the truth is that Outlook is still a standard in the office and even produces very little news in technological media, does not mean that for example in its latest version does not have things that do not deserve worth noting.In this practical article we are going to discussthree features that I sure am glad. That e-mail that never should've sentSurely you happened on occasion.We are so angry that we get to write furiously, out of tune and even using some appropriate words.When we press the "Send" button are so proud of that e-mail you just sent ... we feel a feeling of such happiness ... because we've managed to put our head in place!And yet there is a feeling that lasts a short time.Maybe ten seconds. Soon we began to think about what we have done and the terrible consequences that can have.A cold sweat starts down our back and we started thi…

IFTTT helps you to automate your business processes

On more than one occasion we wetalked about IFTTT, an online service that allows us to connect different services in which we have a presence (Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc..) to automate processes and make let us be more productive. But as we demonstrate in theOpen Forum of American Express, imagination is the limit.IFTTT can not only help us to improve our personal productivity, it can improve many of our business processes.To demonstrate this, we propose the following "recipes". If it's hot, you need a beerOne of the major variables that can play on IFTTT, is time.At a certain weather conditions, we can respond with concrete action.For example, imagine that we have a bar.For in this case we can determine that if the outside temperature exceeds 30 degrees, a tweet on our account that says something like "Today is very hot, why do not you come in and take a nice cold? Beer" is published. The basis of this "recipe" that can chan…

Eight Tips to save battery of BlackBerry OS 10

Save battery on your smartphone and get us longer than one day.This has become the mantra for many users who have to deal with ever more powerful terminals, with larger screens, but with a range that leaves much to be desired. This time,we focus our analysis on BlackBerry OS 10,perhaps one of the operating systems that gives us more options to extend battery life.Do not miss our tips! Control emailWhen introducing new email accounts, is much more efficient to choose the protocolMicrosoft Active Syncor IMAP, POP that heavy, forcing the terminal to download a larger amount of data. On the other hand, if we are going to use more than one email account, make sure you enable push notifications only on my primary account or the one you use most often, I can leave the rest in time or even manual sync. Device driverSince upgrading toBlackBerry OS 10.2, the menu"Device Driver"(search for it in settings) gains in functionality, allowing real-time monitoring battery usage that make differe…

Seven Keys to save battery in Windows 8.1

When we work in mobility control battery consumption is essential to extend the hours of service life of our device and is especially crucial in travel and other situations where we have no easy access to a fount external connection. This time we will go over how we can save energy in vehicles equipped with Windows 8.1, both laptops and tablets devices.These are the best tricks that gives us our operating system to save battery. Turn off Bluetooth connectivityNormally both tablets and Windows-based notebooks have Bluetooth 8.1 connectivity enabled by default.If in our case we are not using to pair withother devices(mouse, keyboard, etc..) it makes sense to have it disabled. To do this we will pressWindows Key + Cto access theCharms.then navigate to Settings-Change-PC and PC-Bluetooth devices settings and disable it from this option. Adjust the screen brightness