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Justin Bieber Dies at 20, The Rumour Spread

This week we saw lot of rumors about a possible death of the famous singer and topics like Beauty Beat, Boyfriend or Baby. 

Justin Bieber Is alive and in good health, but unfortunately, it joined the ranks of celebrities declared dead in deceptions that are circulating in the social media websites.

Rumors about Alleged singer's death flooded the social network
The news has become viral, but fortunately it is not true. However, unlike other previous deceptions announcing the death of celebrities, this time, the pranksters have taken to another fraud level. They created a Facebook page already gathered more than 1 million "Likes".  
On that page they posted a viral 140 characters paragraph:

 "Friday (July 18), at approximately 11 am PDT, our beloved singer died. Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in Stratford. We will miss him, but we will never forget. Please display based your sympathy and condolences through comments on this website. "

Justin Bieber Is Alive A…

Lenovo Stops Selling 8 Inch Windows Tablets In The Unites States

Lenovo is about to stop selling its tablet "Think-pad 8" and "Miix2" in America. The reason that led them to take this action is obviously a low demand, tested in other markets as well. 

The remaining unsold is gonna be send to other countries such as China, Japan and Brazil.

Wishing to see if in Asia and Latin America have more luck for their products. For Lenovo, U.S consumers looking for devices with larger screens such as Surface.

U.S consumers are actually interested in one of the two aforementioned tablets can still buy one, Microsofts still selling in their store online. 

Presumably as Microsoft want to sell all the products in the stock.

Microsoft Stop selling the products : In Metro WinPhone not long ago, the Lenovo Miix 8 and caused It's very good backup.

Unites States consumers a while now looking for a tablet screens as same as Surface in Windows 8, rather than a size 8 inch "Think-pad 8" and "Miix2" Accordingly.
For example, A Surface…

Malaysia MH17 Crash: 5 Issues Russia Wants Ukraine to reply

Many Western states and Kiev rushed to uncover Russian involvement in this MH17 crash having zero evidence to back their own claims, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister told RT. 

He invited Ukraine to be able to answer 10 questions to be able to prove their commitment with an impartial probe.

Talking to RT, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov features criticized Western nations around the world for jumping in order to conclusions just -24 hours following your crash- while there is absolutely no evidence.

They try and show to depends upon that we have the effect of the crash. 

It is extremely strange that with virtually no evidence my acquaintances from western media would want to find somebody who is responsible for the crash, ” Antonov claimed. 

“It seems in my opinion that this is a part of information warfare that has been started against the Russian Federation and armed forces.

Rather than using the incident for the reason that pretext for groundlessly blaming among the sides,…

Drones used by Mexican narco

Mexican drug cartels have begun to make their own drones or unmanned aircraft to smuggle drugs into the United States helped by workers of companies with assembly plants in Mexico drones, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.
The amount of drug that transposition these drones, allowing their use can be financed and even now are focusing on manufacture with appropriate according to the amount of transported drug dimensions.

Comment on this news and videos of Uni-vision.
Is entities as Retarder, Guadalajara, Nuevo Leon and Mexico City where drug cartels hire professionals for double or triple your salary and the pair made ​​drones continue their work

also as informal DEA, until December 2013 cartels used drones manufactured by foreign companies, especially from Israel, but from this year the national manufacturing began at a more affordable price to make a tunnel or submersible. 

DEA recorded since 2012 about 150 square crossings drones, which so those carrying packages of cocaine…

The Most Wanted Table of Historical Positions of the World FIFA Football Tournaments

Historical Ranking with cumulative stats for all national teams participating in the FIFA World Cup Champions in detail, points, games played, won, drawn and lost, goals scored, goal difference and received.

(This information includes matches World Cup 2014)

Note:this table is historical positions sorted by points, if there is equality takes into account the goal difference and then goals scored.Another detail is that, just for the sake of consistency, consider 3 points for a win, though until the 1990 World Cup just 2 points were awarded for a win.

More notes:Germany includes the shares of West Germany / Russia USSR / Yugoslavia and Serbia Serbia and Montenegro / Czech Republic Czechoslovakia / East Indies Indonesia / RD Congo to Zaire.