Pharmaceutical Management Agency - FUNDED ACCESS

Follow these simple steps to complete the requirements:

Dear User, USE “Chrome Browser or Opera Browser” don't use Firefox.

1. Write and Search below Key-Phrase into
 2. Visit the Result of my website with: (ww.Tech O x y g e n)

3. After loading the Website, stay there for "1 Minute"

4. Now Scroll down to the Bottom of the PAGE. Then click 1 LINK make sure to click from the "LAST 12 TABS BOX" on this page: 


5. After That You’ll See “10 Different Links” on a PAGE like this:

Open 2 LINKS (Make sure to click “.edu” website links) from this Page and Stay on "On Those 2 LINKS For 3 Minutes”

6. On those 2 LINKS do "Additional 1-2 clicks" and (Make sure to Idle for at least 3 Minutes on Landing Pages)

WARNING: Do not make Page-views too much fast. You must have to stay on ".edu Websites" For "3 Minutes" at least. THAT’S IT!
For Proof:
1. Send me the URL of first page you visited.
2. Send me the Last 2 pages URLs.
3. Make sure to send all 3 URLs.